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Guide to Buy-to-let and Pension Freedoms

    Guide to Buy-to-let and Pension Freedoms


    However when developers started advertising that you could buy their flats with your pension, the then chancellor Gordon Brown did a u-turn and pulled the plug on allowing retirement pots to be ploughed into residential property.

    Fast forward to the coalition government and greater freedoms were granted to savers to access their pension pots.

    The doors to investing in property have been flung open again but greater freedom means greater risk.

    Unlike what was planned and then pulled back in 2006, to invest in property today your at-retirement clients would have to take their pension cash out of the tax efficient pension wrapper to purchase a buy-to-let abode.

    This guide tackles the pros and cons of throwing away a pension wrapper to tuck into buy-to-let; regulatory considerations for advising on such a move plus how well a property would have to do to outperform a pension.

    Contributors of content to this guide are Bob Young, chief executive at Fleet Mortgages, Tony Müdd, divisional director tax and consultancy at St James’s Place and Dominic Field, chief executive of Temple Field Property.

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    1. What is the size of the average UK pension pot, according to Mr Young?

    2. Assume a blended rate of 30 per cent, how much of a £200,000 pension pot does Mr Müdd say investors will have to purchase property?

    3. What does Mr Field say is a rapidly growing market?

    4. What type of lender does Müdd say is providing some flexibility with maximum age on application?

    5. Who does Mr Young suspect will use their pension pots to invest in property?

    6. Which type of investment does Mr Müdd say will generate greater initial fees and potentially ongoing fees?

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