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How to be a successful non-exec

David Dalton-Brown

The importance of the function of a company board and the significance of the roles and responsibilities of non-executive directors on these boards cannot be understated.

As this book clearly explains, the role of the NED is critical in securing the right outcome for all stakeholders in the business and the wider impact of the undertaking, especially for large companies, on the world around them. The importance of the NED role has been further highlighted during recent years as it has become apparent that many businesses lack adequate board governance and controls, leading to a highly negative impact on the business, markets and the wider economy.

But the growth in the prominence of NEDs and the essential nature of the role has been matched by an increase in the scale of the challenges being faced by those who take on this responsibility. This highly informative book by Gerry Brown is an excellent guide and essential reading for new and experienced NEDs. It is based on the real experience of a range of organisations going through various stages of development and facing a wide array of business challenges.

The book clearly informs existing and potential NEDs of their responsibilities and provides practical approaches to enable people to successfully undertake their duties as an independent director. It also delivers insights that can help NEDs adapt a range of styles in the way they tackle their roles and that can hopefully lead to more effective board outcomes.

This is a book I have promised myself to reread again as my own NED experience grows. It will be an invaluable help to refresh and improve my own approach to the role of an independent director.

David Dalton-Brown is director general of Tisa