Lenders look at moving remortgage deals

Lenders look at moving remortgage deals

Several lenders have updated their rates for those wishing to remortgage, with over 15 such new deals coming to market this week.

On Wednesday (12 August), TSB announced it is increasing rates, by up to 0.15 per cent, across a range of remortgages for homeowners who have a lower loan-to-value ratio on their home.

It explained that the increase was in line with recent moves across the market and will affect a selected range of fixed and tracker rate remortgages at between 60 and 75 per cent LTV.

There was also a 0.05 per cent increase on two-year fixed rate mortgages for homebuyers with a deposit of up to 15 per cent.

Meanwhile, Accord Buy to Let extended its range of £195 product fee mortgages and remortgages at 60 to 65 per cent LTV.

Chris Maggs, the firm’s commercial manager, said: “We know that the upfront costs associated with both house purchase and remortgage can be off-putting when brokers are trying to find the mortgage which best fits their clients, so these competitive, lower fee mortgages are designed to give different options for those who want to minimise initial costs.”

Two new re-mortgage products were launched by The Nottingham, with senior product manager Jonathan Cartlidge stating: “The recent reduction in oil prices, from more elevated levels noted in May, has helped to maintain the Consumer Price Index measure of inflation at close to zero and reduced financial market expectation that the bank base rate will rise in the near term.

“This has led to a decline in wholesale swap rates, used to price fixed-rate mortgages, allowing us to launch these products on such competitive terms.”

Elsewhere in the market, Skipton Building Society is set to launch a revised range of two and five-ear fixes, with rates lowered by up to 0.65 per cent on deals with 85 and 90 per cent LTV.

Finally Newcastle Building Society’s intermediary arm’s deal with The Business Mortgage Company to offer buy-to-let products saw three new deals at 75 per cent LTV.

Here are all the rates that were publicly announced this week:

LenderLTV/Type Headline Rate Product Fee
TSB60%/2-year fixed1.79% (remortgage)£995
TSB60%/2-year fixed2.14% (remortgage)£0
TSB60%/5-year fixed2.34% (remortgage)£995
TSB60%/5-year fixed2.59% (remortgage)£0
TSB60%/2-year tracker1.94% (remortgage)£0
Accord Buy to Let60%/3-year fixed2.84%£195
Accord Buy to Let60%/5-year fixed3.44%£195
Accord Buy to Let60%/3-year fixed2.99% (remortgage)£195
Accord Buy to Let60%/5-year fixed3.59% (remortgage)£195
Accord Buy to Let65%/3-year fixed3.09%£195
Accord Buy to Let65%/5-year fixed3.74%£195
Accord Buy to Let65%/3-year fixed3.24% (remortgage)£195
Accord Buy to Let65%/5-year fixed3.89% (remortgage)£195
TSB60-75%/2-year fixed1.89% (remortgage)£995
TSB60-75%/2-year fixed2.24% (remortgage)£0
TSB60-75%/2-year tracker1.69% (remortgage)£995
TSB60-75%/2-year tracker2.04% (remortgage)£0
Skipton Building Society70%/5-year fixed2.70%£0
Skipton Building Society70%/5-year fixed2.72% (remortgage)£0
Newcastle Building Society Intermediary Services75%/2-year discounted2.49%£999
Newcastle Building Society Intermediary Services75%/2-year fixed2.35%2.5%
Newcastle Building Society Intermediary Services75%/5-year fixed3.89%£999
Leeds Building Society75%/3-year fixed2.54%£999
Leeds Building Society75%/3-year fixed2.79%£199
Mortgage Trust75%/3-year fixed3.25%2%
Mortgage Trust75%/3-year fixed3.65%£999
The Nottingham75%/2-year fixed1.90% (remortgage)
The Nottingham80%/2-year fixed2.05% (remortgage)
TSB85-90%/2-year fixed3.14%£995
TSB85-90%/2-year fixed3.54%£0
TSB85-90%/3-year fixed3.64%£995