Kent Reliance offers 2.35% savings rate

Kent Reliance offers 2.35% savings rate

Kent Reliance, the retail savings bank, has launched a range of savings products.

According to John Eastgate, director of sales and marketing at Kent Reliance, these products will give people with “as little as £1,000 to invest a good return, with instant access to their cash”.

Key Features:

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■ New one-year and two-year fixed-rate bonds, paying 2.10 per cent and 2.35 per cent annual equivalent rate respectively. Early withdrawals on offer.

■ A new easy access account, paying an annual interest rate of up to 1.55 per cent AER a year to customers with more than £1,000 to invest

■ A new 60-day notice account to offer 1.60 per cent AER

Adviser verdict

In June, Kent Reliance partnered with Simplybiz Mortgages to enable direct access to its mortgage range.

Martin Reynolds, chief executive of Simplybiz Mortgages, said: “The wide range of criteria Kent Reliance offers will provide many more opportunities for members to help clients.”