Gambling addict bank worker gets 28 months

Gambling addict bank worker gets 28 months

Mark Cooney has been sentenced to 28 months imprisonment at Plymouth Crown Court after admitting fraud worth nearly £300,000.

While working for Halifax and then later for Lloyds Bank, Cooney gained access to a number of accounts including two vulnerable, elderly victims and regularly withdrew money.

His crimes were uncovered when audit checks revealed the irregular payments and that Cooney had been destroying documentation in an attempt to cover his tracks.

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In total Cooney stole £276,622.66 from six victims.

Kathy Taylor, district crown prosecutor for CPS South West, said: “As a bank employee Mark Cooney was trusted by his victims.

“They expected him to deal with them fairly and honestly but targeted them because he thought he could take advantage of them.

“His gambling addiction led him to commit ever greater fraud meaning he could no longer cover his tracks and he must now face the consequences of his crimes.

“We will now seek to recover the money stolen under the Proceeds of Crime Act.”

Cooney targeted one victim while working at Halifax between April 2013 and September 2014.

He targeted another five victims during his time at Lloyds Bank between September 2014 and March 2015.