Training offered online on investment trusts

The Association of Investment Companies has launched a series of online training sessions designed to familiarise financial advisers with investment companies.

The sessions, led by Nick Britton, head of training at the AIC, will last for approximately one hour each.

This will include up to 20 minutes at the end for advisers to ask questions. According to Mr Britton, these online seminars are free of charge and attendees will be able to collect their CPD certificate once they have attended the online event and sat the accompanying test.

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The training sessions have been accredited by the Institute of Financial Planning and the Chartered Insurance Institute as well as being endorsed by Cisi.

The online seminars cover the following topics:




The main features of investment companies

Thursday 17 September


Discounts and gearing masterclass

Thursday 24 September


The drivers of investment company performance

Thursday 1 October


How investment companies generate and pay income

Thursday 12 November


Venture capital trusts (VCTs)

Tuesday 17 November


How to research, analyse and use investment companies

Tuesday 24 November



Mr Britton said: “Many advisers I talk to say they lack the confidence to recommend investment companies and these online sessions are perfect for those who want to build their knowledge.

“We start off by looking at what makes investment companies different from open-ended funds, and go on to consider how investment companies can help advisers achieve a better outcome for their clients, be it long-term capital growth, retirement income or tax planning.”