How we crunched the numbers

Women are gradually making their presence felt in financial services, particularly at the younger end of the spectrum.

More and more women are choosing financial advice as a career as it offers good opportunities for the ambitious along with the flexibility not offered by many other careers when it comes to family responsibilities.

As a result, Financial Adviser would like to acknowledge those women in financial services who stand out, whether that be how much they put back into the community or the success they have with clients.

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To this end major advisory firms were approached and messages went out on social media for submissions from the outstanding female advisers at these firm.

They were asked to reveal how long they had been in the industry, what their qualifications were, what good works or pro-bono they do and any innovations they introduced.

They were also asked what their fee income was – one or two declined to reveal this. Each candidate was given a mark out of 10 for each category; where there was no information for a certain category, the candidate did not receive a mark. The numbers were added up; years in the business were counted as a positive, as were chartered status and fellowship of the PFS.

The result is the ranking in our league table.

Melanie Tringham is features editor of Financial Adviser