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Sipps special report – October 2015

    Sipps special report – October 2015


    The reforms in April were dreaded by many pension providers, but it was unclear what would happen to the Sipp market, and whether it would continue to thrive as well as it had done over the previous years.

    Looking back on previous surveys, the Sipp industry has been growing at a steady pace and shows no sign of stopping. This still seems to be the case, although the events of the coming 11 months may start to tell a different story altogether.

    The next year is set to be busy for Sipp operators. Not only has there been a shakeup of standard and non-standard assets (due to come into force next September), but providers need to make sure they have enough money in reserve according to regulatory requirements. More on this topic can be found within the survey. Whether or not smaller companies can withstand all the changes will be seen in the next 11 months.

    This year we also delve into the world of platforms, and look how managing complex investments that are not compatible with platforms.

    September 2016 is a major issue for providers but within this special report it is explained how it can affect advisers and clients and what you will need to know in the run up to the changes. Furthermore we look into investing in standard and non-standard assets, and the complexities that come with both.

    Elsewhere in the market, consolidation has been rumoured for years. We analyse the impact it could have on Sipp holders.

    As you may notice while reading through this supplement, there has been a shake-up of the survey. Thanks to Sipp and financial advice experts, the survey sent out to operators has been overhauled with greater emphasis on what advisers need to know and making it (hopefully) easier to use.

    To view the survey and analysis, please click here.

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