Making sure you have a low carbon pension

Making sure you have a low carbon pension

Fiona Reynolds, managing director of Principles for Responsible Investment, talks about the need to align long-term savings with the future of our planet.

In the latest FTAdviser video interview, Ms Reynolds said sustainable investing is really something that all savers invested for the long-term need to be thinking more about and asking questions about.

Speaking to Investment Adviser’s Ellie Duncan, she said: “A lot of retail investors will still be invested in things where they are thinking longer-term. They are saving for the future. Saving for their retirement.

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“They need to think about the people who are investing the money for them if they are thinking about long-term risks.

“In today’s world it is pretty difficult to say something like climate change will not have an effect on us all in the future, for example, and if you are heavily invested in energy stocks we know we are going through a long-term energy revolution.

“Are the stocks you are invested in thinking about and making that transition from a high carbon to a low carbon economy?”