Mystery Shopper: Stockport


Provider: Lloyds Bank

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Speed of response:
Time of call: 3.19pm. Call answered by an automated system. The shopper was speaking to a representative within one minute. 4/5

Telephone manner:

Friendly. 5/5

Relevant qualifications:

The representative said that he was not qualified to give mortgage or financial advice. 0/5

Payment method:

Variable. The representative told the shopper to speak to a mortgage adviser in one of the bank’s branches. 3/5

Guidance given:

The representative offered to go through a mortgage questionnaire with the shopper over the phone. He reiterated that he was not qualified to give advice, and added he was not in a position to explore particular products. 3/5


Difficult to gauge. The shopper felt that the representative had some knowledge of the market but was overly cautious in what little guidance he could give. 3/5

Email/web presence: 3/5


It was difficult for the representative to give guidance. However, the shopper would have appreciated some information about the bank’s mortgage products.