InvestmentsNov 3 2015

Unicorn and WM Capital launch Aim inheritance tax portfolio

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Unicorn and WM Capital launch Aim inheritance tax portfolio

Unicorn Asset Management and WM Capital Management Ltd have partnered to launch an investment portfolio service.

The Unicorn Aim Inheritance Tax portfolio service aims to provide inheritance tax exemption to investors by investing in a diversified portfolio of Aim stocks that qualify for business property relief.

The service will offer an investment and a growth option to investors.

While the growth portfolio will reinvest any dividends received to maximise capital growth, the income option will pay investors in quarterly dividends.

While WM Capital Management will act as the service’s discretionary fund manager, Unicorn Asset Management will take on the role of investment adviser.

Chris Hutchinson, director of Unicorn Asset Management, said: “Unicorn specialises in Aim and small cap investing. We manage the largest Aim-focused VCT in the market and over a quarter of our AUM is invested in the Aim space.

“Conducting much of our research in house delivers important synergies with Aim investment, where there are opportunities for under-brokered and under-researched companies.

“We want to maximise these opportunities within the Unicorn Aim IHT Portfolio Service, to provide investors with effective and efficient mitigation of their IHT liabilities without the time lag or complexities of some of the more traditional solutions.”

Clayton Cummings, independent financial adviser and partner at Advice & Wealth Management Solutions, said: “These types of investment solutions are part of a very niche market place and therefore only a limited number of providers act in this space.

“It is positive that another provider has entered this space to provide additional competition although what they are offering is broadly similar to what is already available.”