Your IndustryNov 5 2015

Diary of Adviser: Martin Dodd

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Monday: I commute less than 10 minutes from the beautiful Staffordshire village of Brewood. The village itself is more like a rural holiday resort than a suburb of the Midlands conurbation.

I am usually in the office for 8.15 and kick start the day as I always do, with a Ginger shot. Half an apple in the juicer with a generous slice of ginger. Better that an expresso any day and twice as healthy.

Every morning kicks off with the overnight run of emails, before heading into a client meeting with a long-standing client of more than 30 years. These are the most rewarding clients to work with. My para-admin always has everything ready for me, she is quite literally my “keeper of promises”.

I have an afternoon meeting with a video production expert, I’m more convinced than ever that our marketing must include video - as well our article writing.


It is another early start followed by a meeting with a new solicitor client - yes, they need financial advice as well. I am looking forward to working with him and the other shareholder in the business.

I have an afternoon meeting with a former IFA who keeps getting asked for financial advice. He needs someone he can refer enquiries to. This may generate a few good quality prospects a year.

At 6pm I am on stage speaking to a room of buy-to-let landlords about inheritance tax planning. They all want to know how to solve the problem, but I am not sure they like what it will cost them.


I kick the day off with an hour at the gym from 6.30am. I spend the morning putting together client advice and suitability reports.

It is back in the office after a lunchtime run, dealing with client emails and phone calls. There is never a dull day here and I sometimes wonder what it is like not to have loads if items on the “to do list”.

I have a late afternoon meeting with my graphic designer. This time my professional services are required for a pension review. People are so confused about the pensions they have and what they should do with them. I sometimes think there needs to be an army of pensions advisers.

It is back to the office to respond to more emails and client calls. I am having to find time to finish off advice letters/emails to clients, so it is a late night at the office.