OpinionNov 5 2015

I want exams to challenge me

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Coming from a family of financial advisers (my father Filip and my brother Alex), it was my time to enter the industry post-university in July 2014.

Since joining, I was keen to first obtain my mortgage qualification before I eventually went on to study for my diploma and chartered status. This has enabled our firm to continue to specialise in different areas within the field of financial planning.

Having passed the CII’s R01, CF1 and CF6 (the specific mortgage qualification), I did not feel that much challenged. Is it really acceptable practice that you can gain your mortgage qualification from as little as two certificate papers? (CF1 and CF6). Recent examinees of those papers will know that they are not exactly challenging.

Credit where credit is due to the CII for bringing out R07 Advanced Mortgage advice. This is a much more difficult paper, which took me four attempts, which at diploma level, I believe academically challenges advisers enough to be proud of the good work we put in as mortgage advisers.

I would strongly recommend to my fellow professionals to sit the CII’s new exam or the equivalent IFS’ Diploma paper and strive for academic excellence.

Max Slipaczek

Mortgage adviser and researcher,

Filip Slipaczek Chartered Financial Planner,

New Barnet,