Kuber Ventures introduces BPR investment portfolio

Kuber Ventures introduces BPR investment portfolio

Alternative fund investment platform provider Kuber Ventures has today (16 November) launched a new portfolio offering to support Business Property Relief investment for investors and advisers.

The platform provider said with chancellor George Osborne’s indication in the Summer Budget that inheritance tax will continue to be a prominent theme for the foreseeable future, alternative investment opportunities, such as BPR are becoming increasingly popular.

According to Intelligent Partnership, 95 per cent of advisers from a survey of 170 are expected to do more BPR business over the next five years.

The new BPR investment portfolio consists of the following IHT offerings:

• Guinness Sustainable Inheritance Planning, which invests in unquoted sustainable energy businesses that qualify for BPR and aims to deliver returns to investors of in excess of 5 per cent.

• Deepbridge IHT Service is a discretionary investment management service that invests in asset-backed renewable energy opportunities that benefit from contractual revenues available under the Renewables Obligation Certificates.

• Blackfinch IHT Portfolios has two model portfolios: Blackfinch Capital Preservation Portfolios and Blackfinch Growth Portfolios - both focus on capital protection, with the latter’s objective being enhanced potential upside.

• Seneca Inheritance Tax Service is a fund that pools investors’ capital in an unquoted investment company, Seneca Secured Lending, which then offers short and medium-term loans to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs).

Kuber Ventures said the BPR portfolio of four funds is accessed through Kuber’s platform, and there are a number of benefits which come as part of this full service offering.

Dermot Campbell, chief executive of Kuber Ventures, said: “Going forward, we can expect more mangers to join the platform to widen the BPR portfolio proposition, once again innovating in the style of Webb Ellis in making BPR available via a platform with all the associated benefits of control, diversification and transparency.”