Your IndustryNov 19 2015

Back to school for fees clients

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Monday afternoon I have a new client meeting in Manchester. An NHS consultant with a passion for jazz wants to discuss her retirement and investing £300,000.

On the way home I have a chat with two prospective clients. A 34-year-old surveyor with a young family who, having just been promoted, wants to start saving more for the future. We discuss his retirement ideals and then assess his budget. We agree to speak later in the week after a discussion with his wife. The second call is a referral. I make a note to thank the client with a bottle of wine.


As we specialise in helping parents fund private education, I spend Tuesday morning analysing a case for a new school fees client – a property investor with £1,300,000 of school fees to find over the next 18 years. After discussing a few ideas with my business partner we agree a course of action and I arrange a follow-up meeting with the client.

In the afternoon I see another school fees client for a second meeting. I go through our analysis of his situation, the affordability and sustainability of paying for private education, and then broadly discuss his saving options.

Tuesday night is basketball training for my local team. I rarely miss a session as it is a great way to unwind while keeping fit at the same time.


I am out of the office a lot, so I rely heavily on my right-hand woman, Sharron, without whom I would not get half as much done. I grab some time with her for an update and to sign some letters relating to last week’s meetings.

I have two client meetings in the afternoon. The first is a client coming towards the end of her school fees so we focus on what she should do with her disposable income once the school fees finish.

The second meeting is with a couple at retirement. They have a small income deficit but also have pension assets not currently being utilised, so we agree to turn on this additional income stream.


Thursday morning means breakfast networking. It is a great way of picking up new clients.

After networking I am off to Sheffield for a follow-up with an existing client and two review meetings. Client one needs to reinvest the proceeds of a fixed-term investment she put in place six years ago. The investment has performed well so we discuss reducing her capital gains tax position.