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We celebrate 25 years of the event, when providers have shown the excellence they provide in the service they offer to advisers and their clients.

Service is all important to financial services. In an age where clients are generally suspicious of insurance and investment companies, good service is all the more important to building a long-term relationship with clients, and persuading them to trust the industry more.

Ultimately, good service can only be good for business.

As the new era post pension-freedoms dawns, so more people will be taking an active interest in their product choices, rather than just ticking a box to buy an annuity. This means that financial services firms will be under scrutiny more than ever, and bad service will be quickly publicised.

In recognition of the 25 years of the Financial Adviser Service Awards, there is a new award, recognising service over the years, going to Axa Wealth. We also have a separate Company of the Year Award, which this year goes to Prudential, and the Outstanding Achievement Award, which has been won by LV=.

My thanks go to all those who made the event a success, including the events and commercial teams, as well as the editorial team who put together this supplement.

Hal Austin is editor of Financial Adviser

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