RegulationDec 1 2015

Kuber BPR portfolio

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Kuber Ventures has launched a business property relief investment portfolio for investors and advisers.

According to Dermot Campbell, chief executive of Kuber Ventures, BPR has been a key consideration in IHT planning for some time.

The portfolio is accessed through Kuber’s platform, letting investors diversify over several EIS managers and portfolios, which helps mitigate and control business risk.

BPR comes with benefits including investors retaining control of assets and flexibility when it comes to accessing it, as well as only taking two years to gain exemption from IHT.

Key features

The new portfolio holds:

■ Guinness Sustainable Inheritance Planning

■ Deepbridge IHT Service

■ Blackfinch IHT Portfolios’ has two model portfolios: Blackfinch Capital Preservation Portfolios and Blackfinch Growth Portfolios

■ Seneca Inheritance Tax Service

Adviser view

Obi Nnochiri, tax and estate planning consultant for London-based St. James’s Place, said: “IHT was once associated with the estates of the aristocracy, but today it’s a part of mainstream financial planning.

“The IHT nil-rate band for individuals has been frozen at £325,000 since 2009 (£650,000 for couples) and, consequently, those liable to pay 40 per cent on amounts above the threshold are not just the estates of the rich.”