Get around the Round Table

Ken Davy

Ken Davy

With so much going on in December, it is important to remember that now is the time to apply for your Million Dollar Round Table application and make plans to attend the annual meeting.

I recently heard an adviser lamenting the lack of training in ‘people skills’.

In particular, he highlighted that while examinations and qualifications are the building blocks for a successful career as a financial adviser, it is our ability to master communication skills that enables us to achieve real success.

The level of people skills are invariably the difference between those highly qualified advisers who struggle, and those who go on to build successful and fulfilling careers, helping clients achieve financial security for themselves and their families.

The unfortunate reality is that while there is plenty of support to help you pass exams and qualify as an adviser, there is a dearth of training in these softer skills, which are crucial in helping you empathise with your clients as you discuss some of the most personal and sensitive aspects of their lives.

Fortunately, help is at hand in the shape of the MDRT, the premier association of financial professionals.

Founded in 1927, MDRT has a global membership of more than 38,000 of the world’s leading financial service professionals from 74 countries.

The focus is on delivering outstanding client service based on strict ethical standards, and it has been of enormous help to me over my many years of membership.

Indeed, I would go as far as to say that such success that I have achieved, both as an adviser and in business, is due in no small measure to MDRT.

Thanks to the internet, MDRT membership now gives you access to a treasure trove of training and motivational material, which has the potential to transform your client service and take your success, and that of your practice, to a whole new level. I urge you to e-mail membership@mdrt.org for your application form right away.

On top of the material available to you as a member, the highlight is always attending the annual meeting, which, next year, is being held in Vancouver, Canada.

Obviously, it is not cheap, as you have your membership and meeting fees, plus the travel cost, but I would argue that this is the most important investment you can ever make, investing in your future, and ultimately enabling you to provide a better service to your clients.

Ken Davy is chairman of SimplyBiz Group