Picking winners in the robotics age

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Winter Investment Monitor - December 2015

Dyson, Jibo, Samsung and iRobot are a few of the major players and the advent of the ‘smart home’ will drive this consumer sector forward faster.

In a recent assessment of the market, BI Intelligence suggested that by 2019 the market for consumer and business robots will be $1.5bn.

The consumer robot market is the fastest growing, with expected compound annual growth rates of 17 per cent between 2014 and 2019.

The opportunities for investors are endless, and looking forward there is an ocean of market applications that we have yet to imagine. Picking the winners will be a challenge, but the industry as a whole is already taking giant leaps forward.

Richard Lightbound is partner and chief executive for Europe/Asia at Robo Global



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Fine dining

A robotic chef is now able to cook Michelin-starred food in your kitchen by mimicking the world’s best cooks

Source: Robo Global