Puma VCT offers early bird incentive

Puma VCT offers early bird incentive

Investors in the Puma VCT 12 can receive a 1 per cent enhancement in additional shares, until 8 January, as part of an early bird offered by the firm.

The VCT invests primarily in established businesses in the form of ordinary equity together with senior secured loans.

Launched in October, the fund is targeting an average annual tax-free dividend of 5p a share, from April 2018 and for the life of the fund.

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Available on the Transact platform, the Puma VCT closes on 5 April.

David Kaye, chief executive of Puma Investments, said: “We are very proud of the track record of our previous VCTs and having raised over £30.6m with Puma VCT 11 we will be looking to build on this with Puma VCT 12.”

The minimum investment required is £5,000 and fees include 3 per cent initial of amount subscribed, and an annual management fee of 2 per cent, 0.35 per cent administration charge, both of net asset value (NAV).

A performance fee of 20 per cent of amounts realised in excess of £1 a share will also be levied.

Puma has raised more than £200m across its 11 previous VCTs.

AJ Somal, financial planner at Birmingham-based Aurora Financial Planning, said: “VCTs are generally for the more sophisticated clients, to mitigate tax liabilities, and as an independent adviser we have to look across the board at the whole market at all the tax efficient offerings including EIS.

“The Puma offer is good but it has to work for the client who should not be blinkered by the offer.”