FTSE sheds another 2% as global woes take toll

FTSE sheds another 2% as global woes take toll

The FTSE 100 moved sharply downwards once again on Friday (January 15), the blue-chip index falling 2.3 per cent on the back of continued market jitters.

The 136 point fall to 5,782 came after the oil price slipped back below $30 and turmoil in Asian markets failed to abate, with the Shanghai Composite index down some 3.6 per cent and Japanese stocks also suffering.

The FTSE 100 has registered a series of daily falls already this year as part of broader unease in global stockmarkets. Over this week alone the index dropped from 5,949 to 5,782.

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Today, energy companies were once more among those worst hit, with Anglo American shares down 11.5 per cent and BHP Billiton, which announced a $7.2bn (£5bn) writedown of US shale assets, seeing its stock fall by 7.5 per cent.