CMSs are coaching Fos complainants

Neil Liversidge

Neil Liversidge

I am writing in response to the story about Fos having thrown out a complaint against the then financial advice network Sesame after it was accused of giving the wrong advice (FTAdviser 11 January).

It is interesting that as with the previous case mentioned, we once again see the phrase: “He also argued that had the plan been properly explained to him, he would have increased his contributions, and therefore wanted to be put back to the position he would have been had correct advice been given.”

I think we can safely presume that both clients were coached by a claims management company.

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Question to Fos: Did both cases come from a CMC? Was it the same CMC? If so, will you be reporting the CMC in question to the ministry of justice? I know from personal experience that CMCs do coach claimants and I have seen forms with pre-ticked boxes. Meanwhile, of course, Tenet, Sesame and the rest of us have paid for the cost of administering these phoney claims.

Neil Liversidge

Managing director,

West Riding Personal Financial Solutions,


West Yorkshire