Ex-IFP chief launches consultancy business

Ex-IFP chief launches consultancy business

The former interim chief executive for the Institute of Financial Planning (IFP) has set up his own consultancy business, SJ Gazzard Consulting.

Steve Gazzard, who took over as the IFP’s interim boss in 2013, started offering help to a discretionary fund management service and robo-advice business on an informal basis last month.

The new company, SJ Gazzard Consulting, has now been launched officially, and will provide clients – which includes financial advisers – with support on investment, policy and compliance issues.

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After leaving the IFP and having some downtime, Mr Gazzard said he was approached by a number of people who asked him to work for them.

“There are probably better opportunities now for consulting work, with the increased experience I have had now,” he said, comparing SJ Gazzard Consulting to when he founded a different consultancy firm more than a decade ago.

“I quite like working for myself and being able to choose who I work for and take on interesting projects. It just gives you a broad spectrum of areas to work on, which has always been a pull for me.”

While the new business is not targeting any particular markets, Mr Gazzard said the areas he can offer support on are mainly centred on distribution strategy and investment proposition.

“I’m fortunate in that I’ve got pretty broad experience at reasonably senior levels across the different areas, as well as a reasonable reputation for integrity and insight, so I’m calling on that.”