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SSAS – February 2016

    SSAS – February 2016


    This Money Management special report focuses on the state of the market, and it also includes features from Dentons on transferring between providers and Rowanmoor looks into mergers and acquisitions and whether it is similar to what we are seeing in the Sipp market.

    The special report is also CPD accredited, with the opportunity to clock 60 minutes.

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    1. According to MM research, how many providers offer deferred SSASs?

    2. Which provider has the largest funds under management?

    3. How many SSASs are there currently, according to MM research?

    4. Of those disclosed, which provider set up the highest number of SSASs in 2015 as at 1 December?

    5. When it comes to types of investment, each provider has different rules. But how many do NOT have restrictions on how investments?

    6. HMRC says a SSAS must comply with the “fit and proper administrator” requirements. When did these come into effect?

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