Accord builds on LTVs

Accord builds on LTVs

Accord Mortgages has extended its two-year mortgage offering for borrowers and brokers to include competitive two-year fixed-rate products for borrowers with higher loans.

The intermediary-only lender is offering mortgages to house purchase and remortgage customers across a range of loan-to-values, including 1.54 per cent for 75 per cent LTV, 1.59 per cent for 80 per cent LTV, 1.84 per cent for 85 per cent LTV, and 2.44 per cent for 90 per cent LTV.

It is also offering a two-year fixed offset mortgage at 1.74 per cent for 75 per cent LTV. All of the products have a £1,845 fee attached.

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Accord, which is part of Yorkshire Building Society Group, has also introduced two-year tracker mortgages across a range of LTV options.

David Robinson, national intermediary sales manager at Accord, said: “We understand that this is a busy time of year for brokers, as many homeowners will be thinking about moving or remortgaging.

“We think these rates will prove to be attractive to brokers looking to offer their clients competitive mortgages across a range of loan-to-value tiers.”

John Stirling, chartered financial planner at East Anglia-based Walden Capital, said: “The gap between fixed and tracker mortgages is very low.

“In fact, to take that 90 per cent loan at 2.34 per cent for a two-year tracker, one struggles to think why would you take the tracker. Even if rates aren’t expected to move, certainty for a few pounds extra is worth it.

“These are good rates, but particularly with lower LTVs there is so little difference between the two or three or five-year rates that people should consider the longer-term security.”

Accord two-year tracker mortgages with a £845 product fee:
■ 1.29 per cent at 65 per cent LTV
■ 1.44 per cent at 75 per cent LTV
■ 1.54 per cent at 80 per cent LTV
■ 1.79 per cent at 85 per cent LTV
■ 2.34 per cent at 90 per cent LTV