One in five broker enquiries via web chat: Accord

One in five broker enquiries via web chat: Accord

Brokers are increasingly using web services to communicate with lenders, according to Accord Mortgages figures.

Data released today (23 February) by mortgage providers Accord Mortgages found that

One in five of Accord Mortgage’s enquiries come through their online webchat service.

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In 2015 - the web service’s first year - the online chat received 20,000 visits with most queries relating to policy, income and documentation.

The highest volumes of web chat conversations tend to occur on Tuesdays and Wednesdays with 97 per cent of brokers polled by the lender claiming they would use the service again.

David Robinson, Accord’s national intermediary sales manager, said: “We launched our web chat a year ago to expand the service we offer brokers and I’m pleased that they’re benefitting from the service.

“Some brokers commented the web chat is a great alternative to contacting us via phone in certain circumstances, and our overall sales provision works cross-functionally to suit each individual broker’s needs.”

David Wilson, managing director of NE Money Ltd, said: “From a personal perspective it (the web chat service) has dramatically changed the speed, accuracy and accountability we get from lenders.

“Personally I think that the old business development manager (BDM) model in financial services is obsolete.

“I rarely will accept a meeting with a BDM to update me as between online information and webchat, or telephone office BDMs we have the access to the services we need.”