Ruckus-maker IFAs needed: Nucleus

Ruckus-maker IFAs needed: Nucleus

Barry Neilson, business development director at Nucleus, said only advisers who become “ruckus-makers” embracing new ideas will be able to meet the demands of a new era of clients.

Mr Neilson said: “Advisers need to make a ruckus to appeal to a modern audience, to show they are one step ahead and they are committed to their clients – otherwise they will get left behind in a digitally engaged world where clients desire an ever increasingly personalised service

“The advisers that are brave ruckus-makers, those with fresh and challenging ideas with innovative services that put clients at the heart of what they do and who are not afraid to question and change things they don’t believe in, will win in this new world.”

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Scott Galacher, Chartered Financial Planner at Rowley Turton, said: “While there is no doubt a need to keep up to date with technology, and clients are increasingly using digital communication, I am not sure that we need to cause a ruckus to appeal to a modern audience.

“I have a reasonably high online presence, but as there is a shortage of qualified advisers, I focus on looking at our existing and new clients, rather than being worried about embracing the latest tech fad.

“Remember that today’s Facebook is yesterday’s Myspace or Friends Reunited, and there is little to be gained from being an ‘early adopter.’”