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Tax planning offers an opportunity to shine

    Tax planning offers an opportunity to shine


    But despite posturing from politicians and excoriation by some newspapers, tax planning in the run up to the end of the tax year, is a normal, and completely acceptable, aspect of financial planning.

    So normal is it, in fact, that HMRC has tried to make a virtue out of it, saying the annual reliefs are an acceptable form of tax planning and available to everyone.

    While many clients may look aghast at Amazon’s and Google’s tax planning, they can comfort themselves in the fact that there is a little allowance made for astute investments and thrift in Isa saving.

    There are also schemes available for those that want to take a bit more risk, but the real challenge for advisers are the changes due to come into effect in the new tax year: there will be changes to the taxation of dividends, for landlords owning more than one property and, as ever, changes in the annual allowance for pensions, that involve frequent tinkering and forward planning.

    Financial advisers come into their own when they show how much their clients can save in tax, all through legitimate and acceptable schemes. While the financial industry waits with bated breath over the changes anticipated in the Budget, which could turn pension tax planning on its head, the average client can at least console himself with the thought, that this tax year at least, the Treasury has allowed him a bit of breathing space.

    Melanie Tringham is features editor of Financial Adviser

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