Video factsheets bring benefits

The Adviser Centre, the online research and consultancy service for investment professionals, has launched a series of video factsheets for financial advisers.

The first section of the e-documentation highlights a fund’s key characteristics, what investors can expect from it and how it can be used in a portfolio.

The second section, updated quarterly, explores how the fund has performed in the context of its mandate, style and the prevailing market conditions.

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Gill Hutchison, head of investment research at City Financial said: “Financial advisers are at the heart of everything we do, and our new video factsheets will arm them with additional tools that support their suitability assessments and really bring alive the distinctive features of the funds included on our lists.

“Importantly, our video factsheets also feature performance analysis and informed market comment, updated on a quarterly basis, and this provides an added level of insight for advisers.”

The video factsheets are presented by Peter Toogood, investment director, and Gill Hutchison, head of investment research, at City Financial.

Thirty funds, drawn from The Adviser Centre’s Recommended, Established and Positive Watch lists, currently have video factsheets, and more will be added over time.

IFA verdict

Marvin Evans, principal at Old Bank Wealth Management, based in Gloucestershire, said: “This sounds like something I would use. It is sometimes easier to take in information delivered via video format than going through heaps of documentation.”