Mystery Shopper: Bromley

The adviser displayed good knowledge on the different saving and investment mechanisms available. 4/5

Email/web presence:

Article continues after advert 5/5


Very good. The adviser was clear and concise in his explanations and delivered helpful guidance in a timely manner.

Rating: 33/35

Provider: Axa SelfInvestor

Speed of response: Time of call: 3.17pm. The call was answered by an automated system and shopper was transferred to a representative within 30 seconds. 4/5

Telephone manner:

Professional and polite. 5/5

Relevant qualifications:

The representative said he was not qualified to give advice. 0/5

Payment method:

It varies and would depend on the circumstances 4/5

Guidance given:

The representative stressed that he would not be able to offer financial advice straight off. He said stocks and shares were subject to investment risk but could deliver good returns over the long term, which he said was usually five or more years. The representative also gave a run-down of the provider’s products. 3/5


The adviser showed a good understanding of the provider’s products. 3/5

Email/web presence: 3/5


The representative handled himself well and gave useful information.

Rating: 22/35