AIC in CII-accredited roadshow

The Association of Investment Companies (AIC) is set to host a number of roadshows across the country between May and November for financial advisers and wealth managers.

The events have been designed as structured CPD and are accredited by the Chartered Insurance Institute and Chartered Institute for Sercurities & Investment.

Led by Nick Britton, head of training at the AIC, the workshops will cover a number of topics including how investment companies differ from open-ended funds and how to carry out effective due diligence on these firms.

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Mr Britton said: “We really enjoy getting out and meeting advisers, and it’s not just a one-way street – while they learn about investment companies, we learn about their needs and views on the sector, which helps inform our long-term planning.

“We are trying to avoid sticking to the well-trodden paths in our training and are visiting several new places this year – we want to keep seeing as many new faces as possible.”

Adviser view

Sebastian van Mook, financial adviser at Shropshire-based Abacus Associates, said: “These events are often hit-and-miss but knowing that I’d be able to tick off CPD requirements is a huge draw – that is why a lot of advisers go to these things. Some of these events tend to be provider-biased. They can be useful but you have to look through the bias.”