Trade bodies to debate paraplanning standards

Trade bodies to debate paraplanning standards

A group of paraplanners, which is looking to introduce common standards across the industry, has put out a call for help to see if others would like to join them.

It comes after more than 80 paraplanners took part in a series of events across the country in March to discuss this issue.

The events found 70 per cent thought common standards were a good idea and 82 per cent thought level four was a minimum qualification standard.

Nearly 60 per cent thought continuous peer-based assessment of professional standards was better than employer-led assessment of professional competency.

The event was organised by Richard Allum, managing director of Oxfordshire-based The Paraplanners, who also organises the Paraplanners Powwows.

He said: “Over the next few weeks, we’d like to try to bring together paraplanning colleagues from the PFS and Cisi paraplanners groups, and organisers of the Howwows and Powwowers who have expressed an interest in helping shape professional standards.

“We’re really interested to see whether, by getting together either online or in real life, we’re able to begin to sketch out a framework for common paraplanning professional standards.”

Mr Allum first floated the idea of developing an agreed set of standards in December and organised the events following positive feedback.

He said there were several issues which needed to be addressed for the idea to become reality.

These include who would become mentors and how they would qualify if this was adopted, whether accreditation would be the best way demonstrating professional standards and what role professional bodies should play.

Those interested in helping with this project should email