The crossword is no more

Francis Klonowski

I was sorry to see the crossword is no more. I’m not a crossword man normally, but this is one I’ve been doing almost every week for many years.

It all began one evening, just doodling over supper. Once I reached the end, I thought I might as well post it. After that I started doing it every week, and before long I had won the first of what turned out to be several prizes. I don’t know if you keep records, but I reckon I have benefited to the tune of two bottles of malt whisky and four ports. Is that a record?

A couple of years ago I noticed the clues got more cryptic, and for many weeks the closest I got to completing it would still be two or three answers short. The first one I managed to complete was picked out as the winner. Ironically, I’d done most of the clues during a very boring phone call when I’d made the mistake of agreeing to take part in one of those interminable industry surveys that “will only take a few minutes….”.

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Best wishes

Francis Klonowski

Klonowski & Co

Rothwell, Leeds