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Using social media to push protection

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“If we can combine the right tone with the optimum content it represents the single biggest opportunity for the protection industry to engage with the general public and achieve significant growth.

“Simply having a Facebook page and asking people to ‘like you’ isn’t enough anymore.”

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Toni Smith, spokesperson for First Complete, believes “reaching out on social media platforms could also engage the younger generation”, a point with which Paul Avis, marketing director for Canada Life Group Insurance, agrees with.

He says: “You need to have various ways to engage people of all ages, in and out of the workplace.

“There is a discussion on whether gamification, creating some sort of protection-related interactive fiction could help, but at the moment, using social media such as Twitter to share the message, provide eye-catching infographics and engage with people, are good steps.

“We see Twitter as having a good consumer audience, but when it comes to the workplace, providing them with facts about cost and good news stories can help employers get their staff covered and motivated.”