Two Old English Sheepdogs, three kids, while continuing to add value to clients



I cycle in, as I am not in charge of the kids today, with nine hilly miles and a shower later getting me to my desk by about 8am. I start with email ‘triage’, where I delete, delegate, defer or deal with them in an attempt to bring them under control. A 10am whole team meeting to talk through our pipeline, recruitment progress and business strategy. We are a growing firm, so keeping track of our new client enquiries takes up a lot of our time. In the afternoon, I interview a prospective new adviser. He is nearly chartered, technically good, understands lifetime cash flow and, most importantly, would be a great cultural fit, so he is getting a second interview.

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An annual progress meeting with a client who is also a colleague within the wider accountancy firm. The meeting is ‘interrupted’ by a photo shoot as our 260 staff gather in the atrium of our new office for some publicity shots. Back to work and calculating both carry forward and tapered annual allowance to maximise pension contributions so my client can retire early. Another prospective client meeting in the afternoon, this one with a UK resident Singaporean national with investments in both countries. One to bring our international tax team in on.


I work from home today on my certified financial planner case study. I am wanting to get my second submission in before the summer holidays start, so I have a busy couple of weeks ahead. I go to school for lunch with my five-year-old daughter who is having a half day induction. After lunch she grabs the hand of her ‘buddy’, a nine-year-old boy, and drags him into the playground without a backwards glance at me. I think she will settle in just fine. Back to my case study for the afternoon and evening, interspersed with collecting children, making dinner and bedtime.


A conference call first thing to present our integrated financial planning and private client tax service. We are still getting our heads round how to make it as seamless for the client as possible. I finish off the week with another technical client meeting in conjunction with the corporate tax team, this one all about Enterprise Investment Scheme income tax relief and capital gains tax deferral to leapfrog some 28 per cent gains from a business sale down to 20 per cent. Lots of collaborative work with colleagues this week, which hopefully has added a lot of value to clients.

Simon Glazier is a chartered financial planner of A2+B Wealth Chartered Financial Planners, based in Aberdeen