Police seek two after IFA blows whistle

Police seek two after IFA blows whistle

West Yorkshire Police has said it is looking for two people in connection with an alleged scam uncovered by a financial adviser.

In 2015, Neil Liversidge lured a suspected scammer to his offices which led the arrest of a 48-year-old woman.

The woman has since had her bail cancelled although West Yorkshire Police have confirmed the case is still being investigated.

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A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said: “Earlier this month, the now 49-year-old woman’s bail was cancelled. This investigation remains active and enquiries are ongoing and we are seeking two people in connection with this incident.”

Mr Liversidge, managing director of West Yorkshire-based West Riding Personal Financial Solutions, had his suspicions raised when he received an email from a client – a retired headteacher – requesting a transfer “to secure a vital business deal”.

After checking with the headteacher to verify the request was from her, Mr Liversidge said it transpired she had accidentally downloaded a virus onto her smartphone, which copied her contact list and cloned her email account.

Mr Liversidge emailed the alleged scammer asking him to visit his office because of anti-money laundering rules.

After a meeting at a service station he had arranged fell through because he was not able to convince the police to come and arrest the person he was meeting with, a woman came to his office on 20 February last year where two police officers in plain clothes were waiting.

A woman appeared at the allotted time who claimed Mr Liversidge’s client was going into the art business and was in New York buying stock.

At this point two police officers who were waiting in the back of his office appeared and arrested the woman on suspicion of fraud by false representation.