Baby boomers are not selfish

Steven Cusack

I read the letter, Over-65s who shattered dreams of the young, (FA 7 July) with interest about over-50s voting leave and the ultimate selfish act against the younger voters.

Correct me if I am wrong, but there was approximately only 40 per cent of the 18-24-year-olds who could be bothered to vote, whereas about 80 per cent of baby boomers voted. You can not blame the older voter for leaving and being selfish if the under-30s cannot be bothered to vote.

I cherish my right to vote – do the younger generation feel the same?

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Also, while I agree that we have done well, I did, after a lot of soul searching, vote leave because I was thinking of my children and grandchildren as I am still waiting for someone to put a positive spin on uncontrolled migration over the long-term on our economy.

The problem is, if you lose a vote, it is always easy to blame the other side.

Steven Cusack

Financial Adviser,

OnTrack Financial Planning,