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Prestwood overhauls Truth software

Prestwood overhauls Truth software

Prestwood Group has revamped its Truth cashflow modelling tool after a year of development, set for launch at the start of October.

New enhancements include the ability to animate all statements, to allow financial planners to show moving pictures to clients and watch the graphics change through the projected years.

The minimalist design is aimed to help planners show cashflow projections to clients, and also put any charts they want on the screen on bespoke dashboards, making it easier to view statistics.

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Before and after scenarios can be viewed on the new software.

Other new updates incude the introduction of the rate stepper, which allows the financial planner to take select investments or assets up or down by a quarter of a per cent to see how it will affect cashflow.

Paul Etheridge, chairman of the Prestwood Group, said: “Prestwood was developed by planners for planners. In order to maintain our position as the leading firm for cashflow modelling, we conduct regular research amongst our users identifying new tools they would like to help enhance the service they give their clients.

“After a year of intense software development, the new version of Truth has delivered exactly what our users asked for.”

Ritchie Walton, MD of Prestwood Software said: “The software is more intuitive and in line with Microsoft Office.

“It’s much simpler, and for the novice, if they can operate Microsoft Office they can operate Truth.

“Prestwood Software already enabled financial planners to increase their profits, produce compliant records, and develop highly effective visual images of clients’ future scenarios. Now we have made financial planning much more easy and less time-consuming.”