Ascentric signs up bespoke Aim portfolio service

Ascentric signs up bespoke Aim portfolio service

Ascentric has reached an agreement with Blankstone Sington allowing advisers to access its bespoke Aim portfolio service.

Blankstone Sington’s service allows investors to buy Aim-listed stocks that qualify for business property relief.

Stephen English, Blankstone Sington’s assistant director, said the company had spoken to a number of platforms before teaming up with Ascentric.

He said: “It was their leading technology and standing in the market. We share the same DNA.

“Aim has had a terrible reputation, and quite deservedly so but the companies that are choosing to list on the Aim now are proper businesses.

“If I could recommend one thing it would be to only invest in stocks that pay a dividend. That would have kept out some of the worst disasters.”

In addition to the dealing efficiencies provided by Ascentric’s London Stock Exchange membership, advisers will be able to create inheritance tax solutions for each individual client. 

Mr English said this would also allow advisers to make sure their clients’ portfolios are properly diversified.

The service has a minimum investment of £75,000 and an annual charge of 1 per cent on the first £1m and 0.5 per cent thereafter.

The platform charges are 0.25 per cent plus a £9.50 per trade dealing charge.

Justin Blower, head of sales at Ascentric, said: “This initiative with Blankstone Sington is one of a number of enhancements we have made to our platform to help financial advisers manage their clients’ legacy planning.

“Through this partnership, clients will have access to a low cost, bespoke IHT Aim service, which utilised our unique dealing offering to provide increased efficiencies.”