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Newton’s Clay on the shift from cloud to 5G tech

How do you avoid getting carried away by the next big thing in tech? That’s a key question for investors as the world of edge computing becomes a reality, says Nick Clay, manager of Newton’s global equity income strategy.


Over the next 24 months, as 5G starts to gain traction, we will begin to see memory and computing power move out of data centres and closer to the devices and apps using them in the real world. “It’s no longer about data centres hosting information in the cloud,” says Clay. “If you think about electric vehicles, there’s no time for information to be moving back and forth between fixed locations. Instead, data has to operate at the edge in real time. Not just cars: buildings, homes, critical infrastructure. The advent of 5G will transform how we store and use data.”  View the video to hear more from Clay on the opportunities presented by a shift towards 5g technology and what investors should be looking for when investing.

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