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The myth of “cost-free” model portfolios

7IM Models – what’s in the price?

For advisers who’ve started to realise the scale of task and the size of the hidden costs, we think the 7IM Model Portfolio Service ranges are worth exploring. For both advisers and clients, the outcomes are better.

Centralised investment management allows us to efficiently manage multiple risk profiles and portfolio ranges – as well as respond to changing market events. A well-resourced dealing team ensures consistency of outcomes, while our robust risk-management monitors every portfolio across every platform. An entire compliance department takes care of the regulatory burden, while our scale and brand name allow us to negotiate significant fee discounts with underlying managers, therefore making the whole proposition competitive in overall cost to the end-client.

And while we’re doing all that, you can be working with your clients, doing the things that you’re best at. Sometimes, it’s worth paying.

Ben Kumar is Senior Investment Strategist at 7IM, an investment management firm which has been running model portfolios – both their own, and on behalf of advisers - for over a decade. Find out more about how they could help your business at

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