Courageous woman with cancer spends precious time
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Key partnerships

We can also offer your clients emotional and financial support through Macmillan Financial Guidance.

“Our partnership with Scottish Widows enables Macmillan to provide better support for people living with cancer, particularly those struggling with the financial impact that a cancer diagnosis can bring,” says Natasha Parker, Head of Corporate Partnerships at Macmillan Cancer Support. 

“By working together we are able to signpost Scottish Widows customers to our practical and emotional support services, whilst working closely with our cancer nurse specialists to help reduce the time it takes to process an insurance claim.”

She adds: “At a time when we expect people living with cancer to have more complex needs and significant financial pressures from living with cancer, partnerships like ours with Scottish Widows couldn’t be more important.”

Proud to partner

These value-added services that we offer through our partnerships are more than just a nice to have, they can be a vital resource for your clients. By explaining to your clients some of the many benefits of having protection in place, they can be sure they choose the right type of protection.

We feel strongly that, not only is financial peace of mind of utmost importance, but practical emotional support and medical knowledge is too.

We are proud of our partnerships and the end-to-end client support we can offer through them. They are also another aid when it comes to having those vital protection conversations with your clients.