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A balancing act for income in 2021

Sustainability factors are reflected in all multi asset portfolios owing to the fundamental integration of ESG in our underlying strategy and instrument research process. The team formally assesses the ESG characteristics of all strategies under coverage, and we believe this added layer of analysis helps us to ensure we have a deep understanding of the factors driving investment decisions. Our research analysts are expected to fully integrate ESG assessments into their initiation research and ongoing assessment of in-house and third-party strategies. Engagement is a big part of what we do. 

Earlier this year for example we engaged with the management of one of the third-party managers we invest with on the topic of cybersecurity, reviewing processes and controls in place as we felt that action needed to be taken to strengthen these. We engage with management on all aspects of ESG with the aim to influence positive change.

What are your areas of highest conviction and where are you avoiding?

Across our income-focused investment strategies, the team remains focused on delivering a sustainable yield and capital preservation. We maintain highly diversified exposure to yield-generating asset classes and manage risks carefully. 

We maintain a preference for credit assets such as high yield bonds, over equities, as credit markets have explicit central bank support and valuations have not advanced to the same extent. However, developments on the vaccine front and continued easy monetary and fiscal policy are likely to provide support for equity markets. We have recently closed our equity hedges and continue to explore opportunities in sectors that have lagged in the recovery and stand to benefit from a more positive economic outlook. 

Chinese government bonds continue to be an area of conviction as a defensive asset class offering a meaningful yield pickup over other government bond markets. Our conviction level is strengthened by the inclusion of Chinese Government Bonds in the World Government Bond Index, providing a significant tailwind for the asset class. We have been adding to this exposure in the income portfolios in recent months.

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