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Robust, resilient support

2020 was one of our most challenging and complex years on record, but the industry remained robust as ever, seeing a drop of just 4% in business value compared to 2019 according to Key’s latest Market Monitor report. In the face of a global pandemic and the constant shift of life in lockdown, this was no mean feat, and financial advisers proved themselves able to support their clients like never before.

The broadest range of plans & features

While 2020 saw us as a lender adapt our digital support to aid advisers, our innovation in 2021 has already been proven to be with products. We have already launched several new plans across the rate & LTV spectrum, including Maximum Choice Super which offers an LTV of 59.28%. We’ve also expanded our Capital Choice range, a favourite amongst advisers, to include Capital Choice Midi and Capital Choice Max 1, 2 & 3. We really have never before offered such a wide range of plans to help clients with different needs. Advisers can expect to see more innovation with our plans and the features they offer throughout 2021.

We’ve also taken learnings from 2020 and vowed to ensure we keep running accessible events. In partnership with Air Group and Key Partnerships, we took part in this year’s Later Life Lending Symposium which saw over 1,000 advisers from across the later life lending sector attend online. We will continue to hold these events to deliver advisers the latest expert learnings and opinions, and we will keep them as accessible as possible.

Technology for success

Not only does more2life now have the ability to switch to remote processes -if need be-in an instant, but we already had a fully digital and automated application system in fastpath. 2021 has seen us build further on this and implement automation across market platforms in an effort to reduce application times even further. Our 14 day fastpath promise also remains in play.

We will always have your back

When you have a tricky equity release mission, you can count on the back up of more2life underwriters. Our underwriters can turn 85% of applications that don’t meet our standard lending criteria from a ‘No’ into a ‘Yes’. So, always ask the more2life support team what they can do for you, however tricky your mission.

We’ve got your back. We are here to support and help you and your customers, and if you ever have any questions, our team will be happy to support you in any way possible. You can contact your dedicated telephone account manager, or the Adviser Support team on 03454 500 151 or

2021 is certainly set to be exciting for advisers working with more2life!