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A sweltering meeting room at the FT's HQ was where we crunched the numbers to put together the first edition of the Asset Allocator 100 Club and we can now announce which funds have made the cut.

The 100 Club handpicks the UK's very best open ended funds, investment trusts and asset managers over the past year, taking into account consistency of outperformance.

Funds must of course be open to new money, and have a manager with at least a three-year track record.

For more information on our methodology, take a look here.

It should be noted that, after a torrid year in markets, some funds on the list have actually delivered a sharply negative return on a 12-month view - because we focus on funds which provide consistent outperformance, the funds in the 100 Club will not necessarily be those which have performed best during this period. 

After completing this list, two trends have emerged.

The first is the presence of fund houses with a clear tilt towards value, including Invesco and M&G. Though both companies had a combination of bond and equity funds in the list. 

Indeed our judges named the £2bn Invesco Corporate Bond fund the winner in the sterling corporate bond category, while M&G Global Floating Rate High Yield won in the specialist bond category.

Of the hundred funds, Invesco was represented eight times, and M&G seven times, with both firms being selected by judges in the group of the year category. 

The other trend was the lack of investment trusts which made the cut, as share price volatility took its toll.

It was only in one category where investment trusts had a strong representation: the mixed asset category.

Here volatility-managed type investment trusts were strong, with Capital Gearing, Ruffer and Personal Assets - vehicles that prioritise wealth preservation - making the cut. 

None of these trusts are especially popular among DFMs in our database, and are held by just one allocator each.

We should also give a shout out to Law Debenture and Merchants Trust, which both made it into the UK equity income category.

The list of funds in the Asset Allocator 100 Club, grouped by sector, and with full details of the methodology used, can be found here.

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