Diary of an adviser  

Diary of an Adviser: Corinne Gibbons

Diary of an Adviser: Corinne Gibbons

This busy adviser spends her week, and some of her weekend, in client meetings, after a quick stop at the hairdressers


Usually on a Monday I am out at 7.25am to pilates. This week though, I have to drive my husband to a hospital appointment. 

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Today is an office day. Once I get in, I respond to my emails then spend time doing some cash calculations for a client who is going to retire in April. 

I liaise with one of my paraplanners about a client’s mortgage and a final salary pension transfer. I make sure to check with the local authority when a client’s final salary pension transfer value does not seem right.

An old client of mine contacts me about equity release, so I arrange an appointment with them to discuss.

As well as dealing with all of my clients, I arrange to meet with a social media expert to update all of my social media pages.


I am in the office by 8:30am dealing with emails. As I am working on Saturday, I take an hour out to have my hair cut before preparing to go to a client review.  

Neither client has a will or a power of attorney so I suggest they get these done soon and they ask me make some recommendations.  

On returning to the office I update Tony (my husband and office manager) on what needs to be done so that he can then prepare their review report.

I spend the rest of the day in the office catching up on paperwork.


I am up at 5.15am to drive 30 miles for a referral-based business meeting where I am promoting my business.

The meeting ends at 8.30am and this week I have a meeting directly afterwards to meet with a new member.

At 10.30am I meet with a client who feels he may have to take out his pension and his Isa to help his daughter who needs to move to a new house.  

I review all his options with him to see if this is avoidable and, if not, to make sure he does not get a big tax bill taking money out.

At 3pm I have another client review, to which I take a new adviser with me.

I meet with a couple at 5.30pm to talk about transferring her final salary pension and his personal pensions onto a platform that can be looked after by a discretionary fund manager.


I have only one review meeting today and the rest of the day is spent in the office completing the paperwork from yesterday’s meetings and packaging up a new case to send over to my paraplanners.


Today I am keeping up with emails, carrying out research and chasing through transfers.

Tomorrow, I have a client visiting from Denmark who wants his annual review. I do not usually work Saturdays, but we could only get together on the weekend.