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Dog agility classes relieve an intense week, ending in tents


I wake up feeling pretty achy after a 50km walk on Saturday, and a half marathon on Sunday – both of which were to raise money for The Alzheimer's Society. So far this year I have raised more than £700.

I am in the office by 7.30am. Monday is a busy day, catching up with the team, updating my admin tasks and planning and preparing for the week ahead.

In the afternoon, I head over to a client based in Reading. The purpose of the meeting is to review the existing benefits programme and to look at how we can improve and modernise the proposition.

Monday evenings are my Pilates class, which I never like to miss – even with stiff and achy legs.

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This is an exceptionally busy day working from Foster Denovo's London head office. I have a 9am meeting to review the group risk and healthcare system. This is followed up by a one-to-one catch-up with one of my team members.

The afternoon is spent meeting two separate clients at their London offices. One is an update and review to ensure the client is getting the most from their investment.

During my second meeting, I discuss the upcoming Mental Health First Aid Course being run by Secondsight, our employee benefits division, and another company called Minding Your Business. My client is confirmed to attend this course in October, and would like to do some preparation in advance. She is keen to review the overall wellness offering of her company, and how a more structured programme could be provided.

I then head home for a dog agility course with my two golden retrievers.


I am in our Surrey office near Weybridge again, as this is where the majority of my team are based. The morning is spent catching up with the team for one-to-one meetings. We debrief on our various client meetings, to ensure any issues are resolved.

One of my team members is currently on maternity leave – she comes into the office to plan her return to work and keeping-in-touch days. As someone who truly supports wellness in the workplace, I am keen to discuss flexible working to ensure she is supported in the best possible way.   

I have a lunch meeting, and then my afternoon is spent catching up with emails and admin. Then I head off to another dog agility class this evening. I love keeping fit, especially when I am with my dogs.


Early in the morning I head to a client in London for a meeting at their office. I am due to meet with the newly appointed compensation and benefits manager, to introduce Secondsight and to check that we are all working towards the same goals. I am keen to work as closely as possible with clients to ensure their schemes are working as effectively as possible.

After the meeting, I return home to catch up on my work. One of my team members is on leave from next week, so I begin to plan around this. I also start preparing for the Mental Health First Aid course next month – we have a lot of businesses confirmed to attend, and I want to review the content well in advance. I am also looking into potentially partnering with a company that offers wellness packages, so begin to review the materials relating to their business.