Your IndustrySep 28 2016

Dog agility classes relieve an intense week, ending in tents

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ByMorag Livingston

Early in the morning I head to a client in London for a meeting at their office. I am due to meet with the newly appointed compensation and benefits manager, to introduce Secondsight and to check that we are all working towards the same goals. I am keen to work as closely as possible with clients to ensure their schemes are working as effectively as possible.

After the meeting, I return home to catch up on my work. One of my team members is on leave from next week, so I begin to plan around this. I also start preparing for the Mental Health First Aid course next month – we have a lot of businesses confirmed to attend, and I want to review the content well in advance. I am also looking into potentially partnering with a company that offers wellness packages, so begin to review the materials relating to their business.  

The evening is spent preparing the camping gear for the weekend ahead. We are off to Sussex to catch the last of the summer sunshine, we hope.


As I am going away for the weekend, I am in the office earlier today. I have an insurer meeting first thing in the morning, to go through their proposition and to make sure I am aware of any changes being implemented.

I then have another catch up with a team member, before heading to a client review meeting in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, in the afternoon.

I go directly from there to home to finish packing. We are then ready to head off and set the tent up for the relaxing weekend ahead.

Morag Livingston is group risk and healthcare manager at Secondsight, the employee benefits division of Foster Denovo Limited