Bank of Scotland  

RBS plans to roll-out robo-advice

“As advisers, we are there to help prompt the information out of people. People initially don’t want to divulge every detail of their circumstances, but that is our job. You would expect someone to give them minimal information up front.

“I understand RBS’ stance. If you are trying to manage costs, you are obviously going to start looking down that avenue. 

“Is it going to be the right answer? In 90 per cent of the cases, no. You are there to make suggestions and get a plan together, which is why people come to advisers .They may not be sure what is available and how their circumstances might change.

“Customers all come in wanting a five-year fix, and then when we say have you thought about the impact it will have on your family plans and so on they go for a two-year fix - once they have had a think about it.

“You will need someone there to talk to, like a human being. I don’t think job losses will be a massive issue – there would still be people there to provide a personalised service.”