VouchedFor to offer public cashflow modelling

VouchedFor to offer public cashflow modelling

VouchedFor is trialling a new cashflow planning resource, which is designed to encourage the public to think about their finances and lead them to engage with advisers.

‘Hatch’, which is still at the development stage and some weeks off launch, would allow people to start to address their financial needs at a pace that suits them.

If and when they need to speak with an adviser, the tool would ensure they are connected with the most appropriate professional adviser. 

Hatch is one of a number of different pilots VouchedFor has been running this year. According to the lead generator all are aimed at appealing to more consumers, while better qualifying and nurturing IFA enquiries, so IFAs only receive those they are well placed to help with. 

The trials have a second aim, which is to serve the needs of consumers who may not have the finances to hand to approach most IFAs.

Adam Price, managing director of VouchedFor, told us: “For some time now we have been promoting a free financial planning service to the public and have got some really good feedback on this. 

“Now we are looking to beef up this proposal with Hatch, which would give us a better understanding of what the customer wants in terms of advice. Only when we are certain that the customer has complex needs that an adviser can address will we pass them on to the appropriate firm.”

Neil Gilbourne, director at 3R Financial Services, said: “If VouchedFor is developing a tool that will filter out the more simplistic planning needs the better.

"As an industry with just 22,500 or so advisers we can’t afford to be using our expertise to sit down with customers who just want to know how much they can put in an Isa. 

“A solution that will put advisers in contact with people who have complex needs will be welcomed, at least by those who are VouchedFor clients."